Maps and Presentations

Maps and Presentations

Over the past three decades, the technical staff of INEXS have made thousands of detailed studies and evaluations of fields, regional geology, expert reports, expert testimony, assets for divestiture, due diligence for funding assets, and technical papers in public forums.

  • Most of the reports are done on a proprietary basis and contain confidential information, however certain expert reports, including the asset valuation for Magnum Hunter, have been released to the public records after certain redactions have been made by the client, and that is included here as an example of INEXS work product.

INEXS report example

  • Craig Davis has made recent presentations at a Restructuring Conference sponsored by Credit Suisse, and at a Society for Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Conference on Mergers and Acquisitions.

Restructuring Presentaion

Mergers and Acquisitions Presentation.

  • INEXS routinely updates regional studies of some of the more active unconventional reservoirs and basins in the US, an example of which is a study of the Haynesville Shale which is attached for review.

Haynesville Shale study