Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy / Green Energy

INEXS has evaluated dozens of Alternative Energy and Green Energy projects and technologies over many years and has developed a deep understanding of how to analyze both the technology and the investment opportunities, including building Capex and Opex financial models based on limited data.  These projects and investment opportunities include Enhanced Oil Recovery, Hydrogen extraction, Helium extraction, Incinerating Municipal Solid Waste to generate electricity, and options for wind and wave energy.

As the world addresses the challenging and lengthy process of transitioning away from fossil fuels toward more renewable fuels, many emerging technologies will fail, but a few will have the potential to be significant game-changers for society, and those technologies and investment opportunities will need to be vetted by engineering firms with the knowledge and expertise to differentiate the good from the bad and the ugly.

INEXS is an engineering firm with 32 years of experience evaluating technological investments working directly for banks, private equity, private debt, and investors requiring detailed technical and financial diligence of these types of investment opportunities.  The reports generated by INEXS include full financial models, construction and operating cost review, risks, timing, price sensitivities, and complete analyses of the technologies along with comparison of similar competing technologies.  INEXS routinely provides SEC compliant third-party engineering reserve reports and valuations for clients.

  • INEXS teams have analyzed technologies related to incinerating Municipal Solid Waste (trash) to generate electricity while capturing waste gases, along with evaluations of different technologies and comparisons of Green Hydrogen (electrolysis), Grey Hydrogen (from oil or natural gas), and Blue Hydrogen (sequestering CO2).
  • Several projects have been completed focusing on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques including water floods of oil reservoirs, CO2 floods with recycling of CO2, and miscible gas floods using ethane and other natural gas liquids as solvents.  INEXS has evaluated several refinery and midstream pipeline projects.
  • Preliminary analyses have been made of electrical power generation from wave action, and offshore wind turbine installations.  The INEXS teams have done Helium extraction, project evaluations across the United States, and have a current mandate to identify stranded natural gas without pipeline access to connect with a bitcoin mining operation that uses the gas on-site to generate electricity.