Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”)

The technical teams at INEXS have significant experience evaluating, modeling, and assessing the efficiency and viability of enhanced oil recovery (“EOR”) projects across many reservoirs and numerous basins.  INEXS has assisted numerous buy-side acquisitions and due diligence projects for capital providers through detailed analyses of EOR projects including facilities, gathering systems and pipelines, and building full economic models.  Expertise includes:

  • Evaluation of existing and proposed CO2 floods including analysis of contracts, OPEX, CAPEX, and full cycle economics
  • Evaluation of water flood projects, including upscaling single well tests and field pilot projects ​to full field analysis
  • Full static and dynamic reservoir modeling to optimize EOR results
  • Analysis of Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO) for facilities and pipelines associated with CO2 and water injection
  • Evaluation of natural CO2 sourcing for major EOR projects across the country, including availability, pricing, and pipeline constraints
  • ​Specification and oversight of laboratory experimental work required for characterization of PVT behavior of fluids involved
  • ​Development of production and injection forecasts along with the associated economics